Toms River Regional School District advocates, teachers, taxpayers and parents will be heading to the statehouse in Trenton Thursday morning on buses to protest school funding revision which threaten to crush the district by draining them of over $3,000,000.00 a year starting in September.

The five-stages of this post-announcement grief skips right to the anger stage over proposed school aid redistribution and barrels into Trenton from the shore this morning.

State Senators Jen Beck, Jim Holzapfel and Joe Kyrillos take front-row seats in the protest of a deal that aims to pull millions of dollars each year away from Toms River, Brick, Middletown and a number of other spots across the state.

Experts and the families of those suffering with Alzheimer's or any other form of Dementia agree that it takes a lot of time, patience and love to care for someone struggling with the disease, but many caregivers often feel on their own according to a new survey.

Who is Joshua Huddy and why is there park named after him? 

In the first part of our two-part series into Toms RIver’s impact on the Revolutionary War, we learn about its hero.

Joshua Huddy was an American Patriot commissioned by the continental congress and was sent to the village of Toms River to defend its blockhouse (on present day Robbins Street in Toms River approximately between our studios and Town Hall), in February of 1782.

Huddy came down to the village of Toms River in February of 1782 and, “took command of the blockhouse which was manned by volunteers.”

British troops did finally come but not at a time or place the villagers in Toms River had anticipated.

On March 24 1782, chaos ensued along with panic and destruction all the way down to Huddy himself.

“Nine Patriots are killed in hand-to-hand combat, Huddy is captured, the blockhouse is overtaken and the village is burned to the ground,” said Mutter.

He adds the troops in Toms River thought beforehand that if the British were to attack the village it would be by sea from the south into Toms River but that wasn’t the case.

“They landed in the area of the present day Mathis bridge and marched over land not from the south but from the east,” said Mutter.

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