Toms River Regional School District advocates, teachers, taxpayers and parents will be heading to the statehouse in Trenton Thursday morning on buses to protest school funding revision which threaten to crush the district by draining them of over $3,000,000.00 a year starting in September.

Superintendent David Healy says that the aid reduction gives them new obstacles for a system that compensated for 10,000 Post-Superstorm Sandy homes and millions in prior state funding cuts.

"Despite all those things this community has rallied tremendously," said Healy. "Toms River responds better to a crisis than I've ever seen. This is an insult to injury and it's just not right."

Organizers and supporters involved with the protest will set out their agenda later today in front of Toms River High School South.

A Jackson Township man who allegedly helped himself to some loose change in a number of unlocked cars outside of a condo complex on Brookfield Drive around 11 pm Monday is facing a number of charges.

Police say 20-year old Blake Vuyovich tried making a break for it when officers spotted him in a hooded sweatshirt walking away and began approaching him.

He then led officers on a foot chase through the complex before they caught up and arrested him.

Are you constantly multi-tasking? Answering texts while working or browsing through Facebook or Twitter as you take care of the kids? Typing with one hand and texting with the other?

It's a skill that many of us have and seek to do more of, but an author feels you may be burning yourself out in the process.

In her new book, A Rutgers University Business Professor says today's devices like smartphones, have worsened the problem that many feel they always need to be in go-go mode.


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