A Manahawkin man stands accused of flashing a 15-year old girl and had a court date awaiting.

75-year old Thelbert Bradbury is being charged with lewdness, harassment and child endangerment for his alleged encounters in the Stafford Preserve during the first week of June.

It's been open for 150-years but the New Jersey Training School for Boys will close if a group has any influence.

A rally will be held outside of the prison to call for its closure later this month because the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice believes youth incarceration in New Jersey hasn't been successful at rehabbing the youth that go through the system.

Whether you’re an athlete (former or current) or someone who just enjoys getting outside during the summer and playing a sport, it’s the perfect time of the year to get out there an have some fun.

There’s always a downer it seems in the midst of all the summertime fun, and that is the risk for injury.

So if it’s a running routine your starting or racing in a competition, Dr. Vikram Varma with Community Medical Center says some of the common injuries he sees people get running tend to be from knee and back pain.

“That usually comes from not stretching and if you’re not used to high-impact repetitive activity,” said Varma.

See tips on how to avoid injury on our website.

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