A stunning turn of events unfolds in a Monmouth County courtroom as the accused killer of 19-year-old Sarah Stern of Neptune pleads not guilty to all counts. Liam McAtasney faces seven charges including felony murder, and conviction at trial would place him at risk of life in prison. His codefendant, like McAtasney a former classmate of the 19-year-old, pleaded guilty to all charges immediately after their indictments. Stern's body has never been found.

Liam McAtasney arraignment
(Thomas J. Costello, Asbury Park Press/pool photo)

The ransomware cyberattack that's reached an estimated 150 countries now has an identity - Wannacrypt, or Wannacry. It's attacking a soft spot in the Windows system. If you get an e-mail with an embedded link from someone you know, reach the individual in person to establish that it was actually sent. Otherwise, delete it without opening.

Whatever it is about the Stafford Township Target that gives criminals the impression that shoplifting is easy there, township police are dispelling it. John A. Sauer III of Brigantine and David Goheen of Atlantic City were apprehended May 11th. Police said that Goheen essayed a failed attempt to escape -.and was found with heroin. He was released, and Sauer was handed to Brigantine police,who had a warrant for him.

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