Code Blue takes effect Wednesday night as temperatures plunge below freezing. Ocean County's warming centers for vulnerable people are in Toms River and Lakewood.

Code Blue warming center, Toms River (Paul Hulse)
Code Blue warming center, Toms River (Paul Hulse)

The ex-Asbury Park cop convicted of helping the Bloods run their business in the city heads to prison for 10 years. Keith German of Tinton Falls was found guilty on eight counts in September, for enlisting gang help in pursuit of a woman in exchange for information to help them avoid detection.

Two-hundred-fifty-six tickets in nine days, and only one for speeding, in Lakewood during Ocean County's safe-driving initiative. Most summonses were for equipment failures and various non-moving and moving violations.

Web surfers direct Toms River police to an alleged shoplifter in Beachwood. Investigators credit Facebook tipsters with leading them to William Swenson, who allegedly took groceries from Shop Rite of Route 37 , and also a student's backpack in a vehicle in the parking lot.

A Shrewsbury family that lost everything in a November 30 house fire gets support from Assembly members JoAnne Downey and Erick Houghtaling. Their district office in Ocean Township is the dropoff point for housewares, kitchen utensils, and toys for kindergarten-age boys..

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