Investigators in Ocean County continue looking into the fatal Sunday morning police involved shooting at a home in Brick Township.

Officers were called to the scene for a domestic disturbance on meridian drive around 5:30 am when they were met on scene by an "alleged armed male subject".

The suspect fatally wounded had allegedly physically abused two women who were later hospitalized.

Student enrollment in more than half of all jersey school districts has dropped over the past 6 years.

Richard Bozza of the jersey association of school administrators says some school districts will hire consultants to help them figure out how many kids will be attending school in the upcoming year.

“You try to get the best prescription you can, particularly in terms of your enrollment projections and looking at the capacity of your buildings,” he said.

He adds schools won't hire fewer teachers unless there's a significant enrollment drop.

Shocking but true.

A new survey confirms that many people you may know or be familiar with have lied on their resume!

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