We may never know the full story behind the tragic deaths of a Lacey Township family.

Investigators believe the husband and father killed his wife, their young son and dog before trying to take his own life.

He died while hospitalized. Their identities and cause of death have yet to be issued.

Do you think the opioid crisis is a serious problem?

A new poll finds for many of us, the answer is absolutely yes.

The big power-ball prize eclipses a half-billion dollars for Saturday's drawing.

No big winner again but six tickets matched four numbers and the power-ball for fifty-thousand dollars each.

Holbrook Little League's World Series run may come to an end tomorrow if they lose their game against a team from the southwest.

Holbrook fell 7-6 yesterday to Fairfield, Connecticut despite a four run rally late in the game.

Jeff Frazier who played in the 1995 World Series with Toms River East Little League says.

"I wish they weren't (down to their last game) but I also see it as a little spark plug for them to say, 'our backs are against the wall, we're from Jersey, let's rock and roll',", said Frazier.

Frazier says this year's Holbrook team probably had some first game nerves.

His team also lost their first game when they played 22 years ago.

TRELL won it all in 1998 over Japan.


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