A Jackson 8-year old girl remains in critical condition after being pulled from the deep end of a pool at a graduation party on Saturday in the township.

Life saving measures were given to the girl who was found unresponsive in the pool, until officers arrived moments later.

The girl was taken to st. Peter's university hospital in new Brunswick.

The bi-partisan heroin task force in Washington's recent round-table focused on addiction treatment for kids and adolescents stuck in the fight against drugs.

Congressman Tom MacArthur who co-chairs the force says many kids who do get addicted often start with prescription drugs, then move to something more dangerous.

“There’s an alarmingly high number of high school students and even younger, are saying how easy it is to buy heroin,” said MacArthur.

He adds the task force laid out an agenda of eight bills focusing on treatment and trying to decrease the supply and demand.

The federal opioid commission chaired by Governor Christie wants president trump to declare a national state of emergency to slow down the opioid epidemic, as well as increase treatment programs, and develop fentanyl detection sensors to help law enforcement crack down on sending drugs through the mail.

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