The amount of positive coronavirus cases in Ocean County totals 6,093 including 109 new cases with 352 deaths. Lakewood has 1,668 cases and 72 deaths....Toms River has 1060 cases/52 deaths....Brick has 795 cases/67 deaths.

Here are the demographics in Ocean County....ages 0-18: 136/0....ages 19-44: 2,027/8....ages 45-64: 1,952/48....age 65 and up: 1,656/271....not reported: 322/25. Gender: 2,794 women have the coronavirus, 3,279 men have the coronavirus, 20 not reported.

In Monmouth County, there are now 5,875 cases...Freehold Township has the most with 518, Howell has 481 and Middletown has 419.

There are 484 long-term care facilities with at least one Covid-19 case, for a total of 17,201 cases. In total, there are 2,051 confirmed Covid-19 deaths associated with long-term care facilities and 1,060 suspected cases.

It's no secret that Covid-19 has impacted businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. But a new Robert Half survey finds many employers have stepped up to the challenges, showing leadership skills and support for their employees.

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