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Why haven't I ever heard of these weird and funny New Jersey laws and who makes these wacky ones up?

Have you heard of these 5 Weird New Jersey Laws?

5 Weird and Funny New Jersey Laws; Who Knew?

These on the list are just so weird and funny at the same time. Why would there be laws for such crazy things as pickles and slurping soup? According to, these are some crazy and weird laws of New Jersey.

There are more than those five believe it or not. Get ready for this one, in this great state of New Jersey, it's illegal for a man to knit during fishing season. What?

Who makes these crazy and weird laws? Who has the time to actually sit down and think to themselves, what if people eat pickles on Sundays, should it be illegal? Really? Or how does somebody come up with the lame law about eating ice cream at a certain time of night unless you have a doctor's note?

Some other weird laws in New Jersey that made the list - It's illegal to feed animals tobacco and alcohol to zoo animals in Manville. Only Manville, what about the rest of the state? It's also illegal in New jersey for birds to poop on statues. What? Will the birds get arrested? What about pooping on humans? That should be illegal. And, in Bernards Township it's illegal to frown. There are more, click here.

OK, these are so silly, how could I not have heard any of these? Did you know about these weird and funny laws in New Jersey? If it's illegal, does that mean if I frown when I'm in Bernards Township, I'll get arrested? What if I eat pickles on Sunday in Newark?

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