Starting tomorrow, you have the chance to win $5,000 with the Summer Cash Code!

If you do win the cash, you'll probably be overwhelmed with excitement (and 'friends' calling you asking for money), and you'll need some inspiration on how to spend it. I've got some ideas for you!

1 - Summer Vacation!

Are you tired of never taking that Summer Vacation you deserve? If you win up to $5,000 with the Summer Cash Code, why not put that money towards the trip of your dreams? Memories are priceless!

2 - A New Wardrobe

Spice up your look with your cash! Get some new clothes for summer - sundresses, sunglasses, sandals, bathing'll be the talk of the town!

3 - Sign Up for Classes

If Summer means more downtime for you, why not spend your money on a new class? It can be a workout class, or you can learn a new skill like cooking, surfing, or acting. The possibilities are endless!

4 - Fancy Date Night(s)

Take your honey on a date - or depending on how much cash you win, MULTIPLE DATES! There are a bunch of beautiful restaurants with a view of the ocean at the Jersey Shore. Your significant other will be loving you!

5 - Home Renovation

You know that home project you've been putting off forever? Maybe it's new flooring, or getting some new appliances...whatever it may be, money is the perfect reason to stop procrastinating. Use that cash and get the home of your dreams!

Remember to listen for the Summer Cash Code weekdays at 9 am, Noon, and 5 pm, and enter it at or on the free WOBM app for your chance to win! Happy spending!