March Madness is officially under way, and believe it or not, some of the strategies in college basketball can ALSO be applied to dating.  Well . . . not really.  But wants to use the tournament to pimp some dating advice.  Here are their five ideas.

Be a Team Player.  In basketball, there's a high level of trust between the coaches, staff, and players.  And that same trust is crucial in a relationship.  You should bring out the best in each other, and always work through your issues together.

Draw Up a Game Plan.  Just like in college basketball, a strategy is crucial to winning the dating game.  So scout your "opponent" before you go out, by trying try to get an idea of their personality and what kind of things they're into.


Keep an Eye on the Clock.  The big thing that separates college basketball from the NBA is the speed of the game.  And when you're dating, you should keep an eye on the clock too...... Don't stand around waiting for things to happen . . . figure out what move you want to make and go for it.

Play To Win.  Like a tournament, dating is initially a "win or go home" deal.  On a first date, you get ONE chance to advance to the second date, so you have to ace it.

Work for It.  Every year in college hoops, there's an underdog team that NOBODY believes will get out of the first round . . . but they make a nice run.  Well, that can be you.   .... So even if you're not the best looking, you have a terrible job, or you still live with your parents, you can still score someone who's out of your league if you're willing to put in more time and effort.



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