Earlier this week we talked about a few of the times that the Jersey Shore got some love on TV's Jeopardy!.

Now, let's take a look at the music business and check out some of the times that artists name checked our home in their songs!


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    Jersey Girl

    Bruce Springsteen

    Was there any question that The Boss would have the #1 entry on this list?

    With, “…'cause down the Shore everything's all right/You and your baby on a Saturday night”, Bruce's classic is a shoo-in for the top of our list.

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    Billy Joel

    Like Bruce, Bon Jovi, and plenty of other artists, Billy Joel sings about what he knows best - the places he grew up.

    1982's "Allentown", with themes about the move away from industrialization and factory towns in the years after World War II, includes the lyrics:

    "…well our fathers fought the Second World War/Spent their weekends on the Jersey Shore

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    It Must Be Summer

    Fountains of Wayne

    You know these guys.

    Remember, "Stacy's Mom"?

    Yeah, them!

    I've actually been a FoW fan since they came and played New Haven, CT's world famous Toad's Place when I was in college.

    They love to name-drop places, especially in the Northeast. With songs showing love to everywhere from Hackensack to New York City's Hayden Planetarium, they give us a nod on their 1999 track "It Must Be Summer":

    "…I try your sister on the Jersey Shore/She said you might be stopping by/But she's just not sure"


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    The Private Life Of Bill And Sue

    The Beach Boys

    You probably don't know this song. I didn't. But I included it for a reason - obviously The Beach Boys are the deans of California beach living, so I think that it's noteworthy that they give us a shout out in this 2012 song from the album, "That's Why God Made the Radio".

    …Wasting time on a sunny day/Santa Barbara to Jersey Shore/At the line in the grocery store

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    Pretty Much All Of Bon Jovi

    Did you really think that I was going to make a list like this without including Bon Jovi?

    I mean look, it's not easy to find something that rhymes with "Manahawkin", I get that, but with one of their signature albums simply titled "New Jersey", of course Jon and the guys get a spot here!

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