Anniversary is defined as the annually recurring date of a past event, as of personal or historic importance and there is clearly a huge difference between the two.  The ones we acknowledge are mostly wedding anniversaries or maybe the anniversary of when someone quit smoking or something else near and dear to then.  As for historical purposes there are ones like September 11th and December 7th which we don’t celebrate but rather commemorate for their significance.

Unless it impacts you directly anniversaries are largely ignored unless they are what most would consider special ones….10, 25, 50 years.  However since it does impact me I am going to acknowledge one today and another after the weekend.  Don’t feel compelled to send a card for either although the gift of a vacation or weekend getaway would be a nice touch.

Tomorrow will mark my 42nd anniversary at WOBM.  It was Monday July 23, 1979 that I first came to work at our offices and studios which were at that time located in Bayville.  Unlike now when I wear shorts to work each day in the summer I was dressed a bit more formally and I know I made instant friends when I came into the office with two dozen donuts.  I learned quickly that food always goes a long way to establish a nice relationship with your work colleagues.  As I have said many times I had no intention of making WOBM more than a pit stop on my way to a very successful career as a sports broadcaster.  The plan was for 2-3 years here and then it was on to the bright lights.

42 years later I come to work in Toms River each weekday around 4 o’clock in the morning.  So much for the best-laid plans.  Happy Anniversary to me!


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