Candy, the Easter bunny, and the "best" Easter egg hunt; everything a kid loves about Easter.

The last two years, Easter egg hunts were a little different because of the pandemic. Some of these places had a drive-up Easter egg hunt, it just had a different feel. Lots of towns in New Jersey did have this option and it was incredibly awesome to keep some kind of normal for our kids, but there's nothing like a "real" Easter egg hunt.

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I still love Easter egg hunts and make sure every year I have one for my 16-year-old. Sorry, that will never change, I don't care how old she gets. It's tough finding an Easter egg hunt for 16-year-olds. So, I make my own up and she has a blast.

jenifoto, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
jenifoto, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

Plastic eggs are the best to hide candy, money, and anything you want to put in there. The golden eggs that the towns have are always nice, they're a little bigger prize. Happy Easter egg hunting.

From Brick to Stafford Township, these Easter egg hunts look like a lot of fun in Ocean County. Grab the kids, the basket, and get ready to grab those eggs.

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Check your local town or township. Most towns in Ocean and Monmouth Counties have their own Easter egg hunt. Each town usually does a great job putting together an Easter egg hunt together for the community. This year will be so much better than the last two years, let's get out there and have fun with our kids.

This Easter, we'll be able to get out without a mask and run around. Check out these fun Easter egg hunts happening all over Ocean County:

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