Pumpkin spice, pumpkin patches, and apple picking all make the fall a favorite.

There are so many cool ways to celebrate the fall right here in New Jersey. Maybe it's looking at the fall leaves? Maybe heading to the boardwalk for a nice walk. The boardwalk is rather empty in the fall but still fun things to do from weekends with rides, great restaurants, and the arcades for the kids.

evenyatamanenko, getty images
evenyatamanenko, getty images

New Jersey has a lot to do in all the seasons, but the fall can be just as fun as the summer, without the heat. I'll still take the heat, but here are some great ideas for your fall days in NJ.

Thanks to onlyinyourstate.com for these 4 places for the most fall fun in New Jersey.

#1. Johnson's Corner Farm - Medford, NJ - Johnson's is a New Jersey farm that so many families go to for the fall. Those incredible pumpkin pictures that are a tradition. Johnson's Corner Farm is the perfect place to make family memories, we have gone there so many years.

#2. Terhune Orchards - Princeton, NJ - Terhune Orchards is one of the best orchards for apple-picking and their fall festivals are awesome. Some say Terhune Orchards have the best apple cider in New Jersey. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is taste the different apple ciders at different orchards.

#3. The Black River and Wester Railroad - Flemington, NJ. This is so much fun. We took Abby here many times when she was little on the Pumpkin train. There is an amazing corn maze and wagon ride, also. It is a fun filled days of smiles and pumpkins galore.

#4. ZipTours - Vernon, NJ - Have you ever gone ziplining, yet? Do your kids want to go? How about doing it in the fall at Mountain Creek? Checking out their website, it looks pretty cool and it's all about making memories with the family.

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