Happy Halloween costume shopping season! Looking for the right costume for a couple for that big Halloween party can be a bit of a scary nightmare, can't it?  Here is some help. Take a look at some great costume ideas for couples with photos, descriptions, and prices of the costumes.

What's Hot for Halloween This Year?

This year's most popular men's costumes are a mix of action movie characters, cultural personalities like hippies, pirates, and cowboys, and some fun and clever surprises. A always, women's costumes tend to be the sexy version of any possible character. The nice thing about couples' costumes is being able to them your look.

Are All These Costumes Available in Stores or Online?

All of these costumes are available online at Spirit Halloween, and most of them are also being sold in Spirit Halloween stores until they are sold out.  As always, you would be smart to shop really early for the best couples' costumes or you may miss out on your favorite costumes

How Much is a Good Halloween Costume This Year?

You will find some costumes that start in the $25-$35 price range, especially if you are prepared to accessorize with your own things. But many more elaborate costumes are $60 to $90 or more. Prices for all of the featured costumes are marked.

Happy Halloween!  I hope you find what you are looking for this year.

25 Super Spooky, Fun & Easy Halloween Costumes for Couples

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