Summer is fast approaching and of course, it means day trips and beach days and maybe a stop a Wawa for a quick bite, snack, or drink. I think we all probably stop off at Wawa maybe once or twice a week?


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Let's face it even though it's not on their "food" menu, Wawa gas may be the reason you stopped at Wawa, and then, of course, you may end up going in for a few last-minute things you need for your trip or day.



Now for me, my number one item from the Wawa menu is simple, it's coffee. I love Wawa coffee and I am really enjoying their new coffee menu with handcrafted hot and iced versions of their coffee. I think my favorite Wawa coffee right now is their Cuban blend, which is a dark tasty roast. Maybe you agree and put Wawa coffee on top of your Wawa favorites? A n v e s h A n v e s h



In a recent article by restaurantclicks.comthey gave their rundown of the favorite menu items at Wawa. Let's take a look at their Top 10 menu items and let's see if you agree with their choices I'll share my thoughts as well.


  1. The Gobbler
  2. Mac & Cheese
  3. Wawa Coffee
  4. Soft Pretzels
  5. The Hoagies
  6. Buffalo Chicken Bites
  7. Cookie Dough Parfait
  8. Frozen Cappuccino
  9. Cannoli Dip & Chips
  10. Quesadillas


Looking at the "10" I will put coffee at #1 then I would move their hoagies from #5 up to #2 and the Gobbler at #3. The others I really don't buy that much of, maybe the soft pretzels at #4?

How about you? how would you rank your Wawa favorites? let us know and post your comments below, we always love getting your input on our articles.


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