So OK, it's not just because of John Stamos and those yogurt commercials..the reason I buy that yogurt.  It's really, really good for me!

Honestly I say, "It's because John's in the commercials."  But I love yogurt and now a study says it's really really good for your body and mine.  After an 11 year study..(it took 11 years)..I guess it did, researchers finally found that people that consumed four and a half ounces of low fat yogurt a week reduced the risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 24 percent than non-yogurt eaters.


People that traded the bag of chips with a cup of yogurt also lessened the chance of contracting the disease by 47 percent according to researchers from the Medical Research Council at the University of Cambridge.  According to these researchers yogurt contains vitamin K and probiotics that combat the onset of the disease.

What's your favorite kind of yogurt?