Meet Cheyenne! You might recognize her because she worked with us here at WOBM as an intern. She recently wrote a book, I'm so proud of her! You go girl!

Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs
Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs
Meet the Author :
She's a Motivational Speaker, Writer, and Mentor Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs is paving the way to equality with a smile on her face and passion in heart. She started to realize her gift for writing and speaking after publishing her first poetry book The Mind of the Teenage Drama Queen in 2013. She started performing her spoken word in her hometown of Manchester Township, NJ and later branched out to neighboring communities and different states. After experiencing her own personal downfalls and traumas, life seemed dimmed and happiness seemed unreachable. But with everyday she woke up, she realized that was a new day she can make a difference. While still struggling to find herself and heal her wounds she stepped out on faith and worked hard to make the world a better place for those around her. 
This book is collection of poetry put together by Cheyenne wanting to take you through the journey of life. While still struggling to find herself and heal her wounds author Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs stepped out on faith and worked hard to make sure she changed the world for the better. So she did what she does best she used her writing to make impact. This book is for those on the crossroads of Magic and Mayhem realizing they are both Beautiful and Tragic.This is for all who realize in the end…We Are All Poetry!
Just a quick pek into her book with one of the poems in the book:
You were supposed to be better than this
You were supposed to move mountains
And you were supposed to
Make waves that would make the
Ocean look in wonder
See from Birth
You were supposed to make all the suffering worth it
To make up for the losses of those that came before you
You have been fighting battles you did not even know about
And you were supposed to win
CLICK HERE to purchase her book or you can purchase it on Amazon. Also, an Ebook will be ready soon.
Amazing, Cheyenne! Congratulations!
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