Snowstorms usually cause a mixed reaction.  Kids love them; they get the day off of school and can sleep late, go sledding, and just have fun.  But those who have to report to work are less enthusiastic.  So this blog post is dedicated to all of you doctors, nurses, medical technicians, pretty much anyone who works in healthcare, plus all the folks who worked through the night to clear the roads, not to mention police and fire personnel who reported for duty.  And we also have to thank those folks whose job title might not officially be "essential personnel", but they are essential to those of us who start our days with a hot cup of coffee and a donut or breakfast sandwich!   If you made it into work today, please pat yourself on the back, give a "high five" to your co-workers and acknowledge that you're awesome.  It would have been easy for you to sleep in or call in sick, but you braved the elements to help other people.  You rock!  Did you show up to work today?  Would you like to give a shout-out to some folks who are on the job today?  Please use the Comments section below.