I was recently reading about Lucky Leo's on the Seaside Boardwalk and it got me thinking.

I remember growing up and being from Pennsylvania we always went south on the Parkway down to Wildwood.  I remember the arcades there and it wasn't a trip to the Shore without the arcades.  But since living here in Ocean County...our boardwalks have the best arcades.

My personal favorite for me and my daughter is Lucky Leo's.  We usually walk away with some great prizes!  I love the Wizard of Oz game and if you've played it you'll know why, just trying to get the Dorothy card or the Tin Man card, it's fun and you could win big!




Arcades have always made me happy and I drop so much trying to get something out of the claw machines but I never get anything!

We have so many great arcades in Ocean County...Where's the "BEST" arcade here at the Shore?