A developer can move forward with converting a Pre-World War I warehouse on Second Avenue in Long Branch into a place of sensory stimulation known as "The Whitechapel Projects," after recently receiving approving from the City Planning Board.

The Whitechapel Projects, Long Branch/photo courtesy of Matt Burgermaster

Developer and Property Owner Preston Casertano will spend 18-months turning the warehouse and its five smaller buildings into an all-inclusive, sustainable destination highlighting the artisan crafts of nano-brewing, house-made cuisine and emerging arts and music in an engaging seaside environment.

The destination will offer a brewery, restaurant, beer garden, transformative event space and an art gallery.

Casertano said his inspiration for the name "The Whitechapel Projects" comes from a favorite London neighborhood of his that was once the stomping grounds for Jack The Ripper. "Today it's kind of an artsy, eclectic kind of neighborhood with little art galleries and little art spaces and a lot of things similar to what I'm trying to do," he said.

The Whitechapel Projects, Long Branch/ photo courtesy of Matt Burgermaster
The Whitechapel Projects, Long Branch/ photo courtesy of Matt Burgermaster

The destination will offer some other unique features too, including a roof-top wild flower field and a roof-top garden. "We're going to have our own herbs and veggies grown up there for our Chef. We're going to give education tours up there. You could book a small event up there," Casertano said.

“Our goal for The Whitechapel Projects is to present the foundation for a truly remarkable gathering space where community members and guests alike savor house-made cuisine and an ever-changing nano-beer selection, while enjoying an amazing schedule of year-round events, art and entertainment.  Budding with opportunity, Long Branch is poised for growth and development, and is the perfect location to support a progressive destination like The Whitechapel Projects,” added Casertano.