As Ocean County wakes up this morning and we all try to comprehend the damage that Hurricane Sandy has left in her wake, day two at The Hotel WOBM continues.

Almost all of the staff here at the Townsquare Media office are residents of Ocean County and the surrounding areas so, just like the rest of you, we kept our eyes on trees, called friends and family for local updates, and of course counted on you for updates. 

I think it's things like this that really show the power of community radio. During my time on the air yesterday afternoon and evening I got dozens of phone calls from you with updates on the conditions in your neighborhoods. Not only did hundreds of thousands of people without power depend on battery powered radios, car radios, and mobile apps to get information, but we also depended on you to help us gather information to pass along. I even did a phone interview this morning for a radio station in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. So, obviously, the hearts and minds of the nation are on New Jersey,

We will continue to do that, and please continue to keep us updated on the conditions in your neighborhood. You can comment below, leave a comment on our Facebook page, or call the studio at 732-237-WOBM and we'll keep Ocean County updated as we continue to deal with the aftermath of Sandy.