The lawyer, representing some of the gamblers who won 1.5 million dollars at the Golden Nugget, but were then prevented from cashing in most of their chips, is filing additional charges against the Atlantic City casino.

Attorney Benjamin Dash says after it appeared the Golden Nugget was going to pay the gamblers their disputed winnings, the lawyer representing the casino, "following the conclusion of the proceedings, stood up and berated my clients - and slandered them and called them cheaters…We plan to add charges of slander and defamation to the 13 counts we've already filed against them."

Dash says his clients, who are Chinese, have already alleged they were falsely imprisoned, discriminated against and were roughed up "from the way they were rounded up Gestapo style after the game, and held in separate rooms -upwards of 8 hours with no food or water…They've treated them like criminals, they have treated them very shabbily, they've profiled them they've discriminated against them, they have physically confined them…In very simple terms, they've treated them as horribly as a human being could be treated."

The dispute stems from several games of mini-baccarat that were played at the casino at the end of April, when the cards being used - unbeknownst to either the players or the casino - were not properly shuffled.


Gamblers soon realized what was happening, and they upped their bets dramatically - from ten dollars to five thousand dollars a hand - and they won 41 straight times.

The casino let some of them cash out more than half a million in chips, but would not honor an additional $977 thousand in chips.

The Golden Nugget denies there was any mistreatment, and it claims many of the gamblers who have filed suit  continue to gamble there in the meantime.

Dash says, "We are preparing to file our amended complaint and the process will continue, and at this point, if the Golden Nugget is interested in talking reasonably, we're here to listen."