Ewww.   Beware!  It's a trick.

My friend Kim and I were just having a discussion...one that's probably happening in your office today too.  Who is bringing what to Thanksgiving.

Kim was wondering why her family never asks her to cook something, since she loves to cook.

I think I know why. 

Kim is the Queen of Tofu.  She makes Tofu meat loaf.  Tofu stir fry. Tofu this and tofu that.  I can't help but think if you asked her to make the Turkey, it would be like a scene from 'Everyone Loves Raymond", when Marie Barrone made the Jellied Tofu Turkey.  Funny to look at, but eat it?  Yuck.

I'm told it's an aquired taste.  Not for me.  I want my turkey and I want it deep fried too!

No offense Kim, you know I love you, but your family wants you to bring the pickles.  Maybe next year.