Time is a weird thing. Some days feel like they fly by, some feel like they drag, but they all have the same number of minutes in them.

I've always thought it was weird when one day can feel like it goes by in the blink of an eye, while the next can make you feel like you've been sitting at your desk for a year nonstop.

Of course it could have to do with a lot of personal variables...maybe you didn't sleep well the night before, maybe you're looking forward to leaving to go on vacation, etc.

When it gets really weird to me is when other people are involved. It can happen either way, maybe a co-worker comes in and says "wow, today is really dragging" and you're like yeah, for me too! Or just the opposite, your co-worker feels like the morning has just flown by while you can't believe it's barely even lunch time yet.

Of course there are people who are a lot smarter than I am who have studied time and the passage of time, and written at length on the subject. So maybe there actually are reasons that 24 hours today felt a lot slower than 24 hours yesterday, but all I can say for sure is...isn't that weird??