Cantaloupe the perfect summer treat, at least to me..especially with some cream cheese fruit dip.  Ok, totally off the topic, well sort of--I'm writing this about the way you cut the cantaloupe and how do you scoop it perfectly.

This always has given me trouble.  When removing the seeds and stuff in the middle of the cantaloupe, I can never get it perfect.  For instance when I go to a friend's house their cantaloupe is scooped to perfection.  The middle is perfect.  Here's a picture of mine from this weekend and I can never get it that perfect.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

So I ask myself, "Why"?  What am I doing wrong.  I use a spoon to scoop it.  Maybe you can help me with do you scoop the "perfect cantaloupe".

Either way, if you are a perfect scooper or not..enjoy this summer fruit, I know I will!  It all goes down the my Mom would say!