A few years ago I started getting some strange emails through my personal email address. Like most people, I do get a lot of "Spam" email, and a lot of the "From" addresses were unpronounceable, but I opened a few of them...

It was a large group of emails from people in Russia asking me for my autograph. I was completely perplexed.

There's the old joke of being "big in Japan", but who's ever heard of being big in Russia? And for that matter, why me? Are a lot of Russians listening live on WOBM.com or the RadioPup app? Maybe they really like cookies?


Whatever it is, every couple months or so I'll still get another email or two. Just a few minutes ago (and the inspiration for this blog) I got an email from "Aleksander" in "Sankt-Petersburg, Kolpino, Russia" asking for my autograph.

If nothing else I suppose I should say a big "спасибо" to my Russian fans!