HE DID WHAT???!!!???A family pet in St. Augustine, Florida, ate an envelope with $1,000 in cash while it's owners were at work.  Yikes!

Got me to thinking about all the things my dog has eaten over the years.

You would think I don't feed him.

Maxx is a large....very large...black lab.  He tips the scales at...well, lets just say he weighs more than I do.  I've had him since he was six weeks old and he is now 11.  He loves food and lives to eat.  He gets plenty, believe me.  When I'm eating and he's giving me those sad eyes, I remind him that he eats more than I do.  Maxx is awesome.   No one loves me like my boy and thats why I spend more on milk bones for him than groceries for me. 

Back to what he's eaten, but shouldn't have.  When he was a puppy, he ate my daughters first cell phone.  Then he ate mine. He's eaten popsicle sticks, pencils, and once tried to eat a tree truck.  He ate the arms off my nieces Barbie.  He got Ken too.  He ate my daughter's retainer.  That was expensive.  Maxx has never chewed the furniture or any of the normal things mischevious dogs do while were not at home, no, my Maxx prefers electronics.  He's eaten at least 3 remote controls...sorry Comcast.  Nothing worse than coming home and finding those bits and pieces.   In our family,  we call them "spare parts".  Who knew you could turn the TV on without a remote?   Thanks Maxx! Now I'm smarter too.

Luckily, he never got sick and has outgrown this hobby.

Still, I never the leave the house without my Iphone.  Just in case he's bored.