Let's be honest - professional soccer is not a huge draw in America. It is literally the most popular sport in the world, but it comes in pretty far behind baseball, football, basketball, and hockey as far as professional sports in the U.S.A. go.

But, that being said, every 4 years, Americans get into the biggest sporting competition in the world. Here are my personal thoughts on why -

Personally, I don't have that much interest in the outcome of the games. But, I've been watching every chance I get.

You have to admit - it's exciting.

There's something about watching, and listening to, 50,000+ people all chanting and cheering in unison that has to pull you in.

There's something about watching 22 guys running themselves ragged for 90+ minutes trying to get one step closer to the biggest sports prize in the world that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I don't claim to be a soccer expert or to be a big fan, but when the World Cup rolls around, it definitely draws me in.

Have you been watching the World Cup this year? Tell us in the comments!