According to a recent survey done by The National Geographic Channel, Americans think that the music and TV shows of the 80s were way better then they are now. I agree!  The National Geographic Channel has a six-part miniseries on the 80's beginning this Sunday called "The 80s:  The Decade That made Us".

Here are some of the favorites of the 80s from their survey:

"Which 80s TV Family would you like to be adopted by?"  The Huxtables were #1.

The to 80s make-out song is "Every Breath You Take" by The Police.

"Back To The Future" is the movie that defines the decade, according to the poll through.


Johnny and Baby were favorites for the best 80s movie couple from "Dirty Dancing".



Remember the "Brat Pack", Who's the favorite one of the bunch?  Demi Moore was the favorite.

Rob Lowe will be hosting The 80s:  The Decade That Made Us starting this Sunday.

The 80's were a fantastic time for me.  I loved the clothes, the hair and the leg warmers.  It was in those years, where I had my first boyfriend, made great friends and realized how much fun life could be.  The 80s were the best!

What was your favorite 80s article of clothing?  (This is going to be fun)

Here's mine!