It's Military Appreciation Month!  This weekend is Memorial Day and please take a minute and think about why we have this day...It's our way of saying, "Thank You." 

You put your life on the line for our freedom.  It's our time to say, "Thank You," and say "Thank You", to your families.  We will never forget you.  This is a great Military poem I thought was perfect as we get ready for our Memorial Day Weekend.  Memorial Day honors you and what you fought for.


I look back on the war and how it took my life
I left behind a child and a loving wife

I remember when I left my world at home
The security of ...everything that I had ever known

As you carried on with your daily lives
I was in a world just trying to survive

While you had your lunch at a restaurant by the sea
I was eating rations with sand surrounding me

When you watched the news and saw clips of the war
I was with my men when death knocked on our door

In the nighttime hours you safely went to sleep
I slept in a bunker; my boots still on my feet

In your daily life it’s easy to ignore
What’s really going on beyond the U.S. shore

I represent all those who gave their lives for you
So when you think of me, you’ll think of their lives too

I gave my life for you, so you can all be free
So take a little moment and please remember me

Say "Thank You" to that special Military Man or Woman in your life!