Would You Know What To Do In Case Of Flood?
While some of Ocean County's roadways were flooding, I was dealing with a flood in my house.  It had nothing to do with the rain.  It had everything to do with my ignorance.  Although I'm embarassed, I'm going to tell you what happened in hopes you might learn from my m…
Hydrating In The Heat: How Are You Getting Your Water?
With the recent heatwave, we all have to make sure we stay hydrated.  I collapsed from heat exhaustion once and believe me, it's not fun.  Since then, I try to keep a bottle of water with me at all times.  In my car I have several bottles, just in case the heat gets to me or in c…
Tap trouble traced, treated in Island Heights
The mystery of the discolored tap water in sections of Island Heights is solved by the sleuths in the borough's Public Works Department, and it's an episode in the sometimes-uneasy relationship between the mechanical and technological.

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