Tap trouble traced, treated in Island Heights
The mystery of the discolored tap water in sections of Island Heights is solved by the sleuths in the borough's Public Works Department, and it's an episode in the sometimes-uneasy relationship between the mechanical and technological.
United Water Toms River Makes its Case For a Rate Increase
United Water Toms River, a subsidiary of French-based Suez Environment, takes it's request for a $5.2 million dollar base rate increase to the state Board of Public Utilities (BPU). Jim Mastrokalos, the utility's Director of Operations, said the request reflects over $22 million in capital…
Saving Water Made Simple
The Barnegat Bay Partnership is making its annual summertime plea - don't water your lawn every day!
Program Director Dr. Stan Hales says frequent watering isn't good for your lawn, because it encourages shallow root growth and makes your grass more susceptible to drought...
Shore Beaches Undergo Water Quality Tests [AUDIO]
Since Sandy, health officials around the state have been keeping a close watch on water quality in our streams, lakes, bays and oceans, and with thousands expected to hit the beach this Memorial Day weekend, some are wondering, "Is the water safe?"

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