You’ve Never Been In A Traffic Jam Like This [Video]
One thing that I can guarantee you've never heard an Ocean County local say - "gosh, I just love being stuck in traffic!" But, after you see this video, you may get a new appreciation for what we consider a traffic jam, and what others consider a traffic jam.
Funding Secured for Route 66 Improvements
Funding has been secured to widen and improve a traffic-plagued section of Route 66 in Neptune.
Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) led the effort to arrange $12 million in federal funds, which means the neither the state nor the municipality will bear the financial burden...
Can The Parkway Handle Traffic?
Today of course is Labor Day and the traffic northbound is a slow go ..... but is the Parkway as good as it used to be? Do you find yourself in more bottlenecks then ever on a road that's supposed to constantly flow? Is Route 9 a better option ?
An Explosive Wreck Snarled The Turnpike This Evening [Video]
Only two weeks after a fiery wreck brought traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike to a standstill for hours, another truck accident shut one of the busiest stretches of NJ highway. Pix 11 News reports that two tractor trailers collided, resulting in an explosive inferno in East Brunswick. Check out the …
Breaking News – Truck Fire Shuts Down Turnpike [Video]
If you have to head North this afternoon, avoid the New Jersey Turnpike at all costs. Just after 10 this morning, a dump truck caught fire while going below an underpass between exits 12 and 13. It caused officials to shut down the highway in both directions, resulting in epic backups on both sides.…

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