Tips For Holding Yard Sale in Ocean County
I spent part of the weekend helping my friends prepare for and then hold a yard sale.  They called on me, recalling that I have had a good history with sales.  My knowledge comes from years of experience.  I seriously started selling stuff when I was about 8...
Ocean County Bartenders: Was This Rude or Efficient?
Before I tell you about a bartender who irked me, let me state for the record that I believe in tipping and usually follow the "buck per drink" rule.  Okay, now that that's said, here's what happened during a recent trip to a theatre.
During intermission, feeling real…
Top 10 Fireworks Safety Tips
Everyone enjoys a great fireworks display, especially during the festive Fourth of July holiday weekend, but consumers need to be careful and approach the holiday safely.
See How To Wrap A Gift In Under 30 Seconds [Video]
I openly admit that I'm no artist when it comes to gift wrapping. In fact, if I can get away with it I'll go with a gift bag any day. I don't know what it is specifically, I just never seem to get it right, and presents that I wrap always come out lumpy and wrinkled. So I'm going to have to give thi…
How to Win a Radio Contest
As a radio personality, one of the questions I get asked the most is, "are there any tricks to winning a prize on the air?". While there might not be a fool proof way to guarantee a win, I can offer you a few tips when it comes to on-air contests:
The Rules for Visiting NYC
One of the great parts about living in Ocean County is the fact that we have beaches, forests, and rural getaways all around us. But if you're more of a city person, you can be in New York City in a little over an hour. But there are a few things that every NYC visitor should be aware of.