What Are Ocean County TVs Tuning Into During Premiere Week?
I enjoy good TV shows, like many of you do. So you understand how exciting this time of year is. The shows we've been waiting for, for many months, are returning to our living rooms. It's almost like we'll get to see old friends who have been out of town for a while. Get the popco…
Who Do You Miss Watching On TV?
He's been a fixture on National TV every weekend.  And now after 22 years hosting "CBS Sunday Morning", Charles Osgood has done his final broadcast.   Did you see the farewell episode?  It was a lovely sendoff.  The legendary newsman will be missed...
Mrs Garrett Visits The Jersey Shore ! [AUDIO]
Actress Charlotte Rae, A.K.A. Mrs Garrett, from "Diff'rent Strokes" and "Facts of Life" has a new autobiography out and Shawn Michaels sat down to talk with Charlotte to discuss parenting, kids, Hollywood and television.
What Shows Are Like Comfort Food?
On Saturday I was not feeling well so I took a break from chores and errands and just let myself have some down time.  I alternated between napping, and watching episodes of Gilmore Girls.
I’ve only had Netflix for a week but I’m already loving it...

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