Watch How Kids React When Faced With a Rotary Phone [Video]
It's pretty amazing to stop and think about the fact that there's a whole generation (arguably two generations, even) who have never seen a rotary telephone and have never heard a busy signal. Kids these days have had cell phones their whole lives. Heck, a lot of families don't even have home telep…
These Amazing Camera Tricks Will Boggle Your Mind [Video]
Remember a couple weeks ago when I talked about people becoming famous on social media sites like Vine? One of the things I said is that to get a lot of attention on social media these days, you have to be original and creative. Well, Zach King has absolutely accomplished that while blowing our mind…
How to Get Famous in Seven Seconds
One of the good things about social media - it's easier than ever to get your talent out to the masses. The bad thing- people have to wade through a lot of junk to find you. But if you can make yourself stand out in seven seconds or less, you could be the next Internet sensation.

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