A snowy day at the Jersey Shore [VIDEO]
It was a "Winter Wonderland" on Saturday here at the Jersey Shore. I decided to get the camera out and capture some of our backyard feathered friends. Lotta birds were out during the snow and hope you enjoy a look from this Weekend.
What Does a ‘Blizzard Warning’ Mean?
Meteorologist Dan Zarrow has tweaked his forecast for Tuesday's storm, and is now predicting less snow and more mixing for the immediate coast, but these areas are still under a blizzard warning.
Some listeners asked why the blizzard warning if some areas won't see that much snow, and there…
How To Make Lemonade Out of (Weather) Lemons
I'd love for you to read this blog post after you've read the more important ones and feel like you're really prepared for the storm.  Once you've done your shopping, filled your tank, and charged your devices I'd like you to think about what you'd like to get done…

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