We Now Know The Fate Of The OC Mall’s JC Penney
A few weeks ago, we learned that J.C. Penney would be closing over 100 stores across the country. The fate of our local J.C. Penney, at the Ocean County Mall, was up in the air when the release came out in February.
Today we learned what will be happening to it.
Last Minute Gifts Sure To Please
I once got an invitation to a party that said "your PRESENCE is requested, not your PRESENTS."  I thought that was so beautiful and really made me think about gift-giving.  Sometimes people just want time with you.  Or an act of service or kindness...
No, The Ocean County Mall Has Not Been Evacuated Today
To show how social media can lead to rumors being overblown in this day and age, earlier Saturday afternoon a rumor started to spread across local Facebook users and groups of the Ocean County Mall being evacuated. The rumors only had a tiny grain of truth to them.
Cyber Monday at the Jersey Shore
Today (November 28th) is Cyber Monday! a day set aside to stimulate the holiday shopping economy with millions planning on taking advantage of online savings while shopping for Christmas.
Be sure to check our our website and join the "Listener Club" to win cool prizes this Cyber Mon…

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