No, The Ocean County Mall Has Not Been Evacuated Today
To show how social media can lead to rumors being overblown in this day and age, earlier Saturday afternoon a rumor started to spread across local Facebook users and groups of the Ocean County Mall being evacuated. The rumors only had a tiny grain of truth to them.
Carly Simon Names Who’s So Vain, Kind Of
It's one of the oldest mysteries in music. Who is Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" about? She's kept mum about the identity of the man for over 40 years, save for a few not very specific clues. But today, she straight up named a name.
Watch – Is This The Upcoming iPhone 6? [Video]
As September approaches, Apple fans have been salivating over the leaked (alleged) specifications of the next iPhone, that's widely believed to be hitting the market in the second week of the month. As we get closer, mockups and purported test models have been making the rounds.
Is This Apple’s iWatch? [Video]
Following Apple rumors is a full time job for the Internet. When speculation was running rampant on what the next iPhone will look like, videos like this popped up all over the web. For the last few months, rumors on a smart watch from Apple have been gaining momentum. While we don't even know if a …
iPhone 6 Speculation Ramps Up Ahead of Release
If there's one thing that the Internet is really good at, it's speculation and rumor. As long ago as last year, before the iPhone 5s and 5c were even released, speculation was rampant on what the iPhone 6 was going to look like and be able to do. Now that Apple is expected to unveil their next gener…

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