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Help Those Devastated in Texas
Residents here at the Jersey Shore know all to well what Hurricane damage is all about as many of our neighbors continue to rebuild following the affects of Hurricane Sandy.
Now we watch as Texas deals with Hurricane Harvey and we see the water damage being done by terrible flooding there, especially…
How to Send Christmas Cards to Military 2015
UPDATE (12/2/15): The deadline to send cards for this year has passed. Please visit the Red Cross's website for other ways you can help the military at this time of year.

Again this year you may see a Facebook post advising you to send holiday cards to "Any Wounded Soldier" at Walter Reed H…
Take Time For Water Safety [VIDEO]
The Folks at Nicholas Pools in Toms River want you to be safe this Summer. Join them for "water safety" classes with the American Red Cross. Watch this video with some great info on being safe this Summer......

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