Coastal Flood Advisory [VIDEO]
A Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect for the Jersey Shore until 7 pm this evening. A stormy Saturday .... Hows the weather in your town ?
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Plus Don't forget tonight before going to bed set your clocks "back" on…
Watch – Heavy Rains Cause Insane Scene in Maryland [Video]
"Insane" is the best way that I can describe this video. People gathered to gawk at a street in Baltimore where parked cars had been tilted due to heavy rains softening the ground. As folks milled about and marveled at the bizarre state of affairs, it got a whole lot more crazy. Be…
Mother Nature Throws Us an April Curveball
This past weekend was what I would describe as a picture perfect spring weekend in Ocean County. It was sunny, warm, and low humidity. A couple of perfect days to forget about the awful winter that we just got through. But Mother Nature just reminded us who's really in charge around here.

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