Watch – Heavy Rains Cause Insane Scene in Maryland [Video]
"Insane" is the best way that I can describe this video. People gathered to gawk at a street in Baltimore where parked cars had been tilted due to heavy rains softening the ground. As folks milled about and marveled at the bizarre state of affairs, it got a whole lot more crazy. Be…
Mother Nature Throws Us an April Curveball
This past weekend was what I would describe as a picture perfect spring weekend in Ocean County. It was sunny, warm, and low humidity. A couple of perfect days to forget about the awful winter that we just got through. But Mother Nature just reminded us who's really in charge around here.
Cold Sun or Warm Rain–You Choose
So we were talking this morning and I was asking Shawn, "Would you rather have 10 degrees and a beautiful sunny day, or 50 degrees and a rainy day?"

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