Have You Seen the Yule Log with Puppies and Kittens!
Ok there seems to be a "pet alliance" between my Wife and Marianne Levy! Lately they are in cahoots when it comes to pets ... especially the dogs! One of the latest ideas they shared was having a special blanket for our dog Dex and , as Marianne suggested, April put in the dryer to…
This Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today [Video]
With all of the serious stories going on this week so far, sometimes we just need something that makes us smile. And if puppies scrambling to kiss a baby while the infant bursts into a fit of giggles doesn't qualify as something that will make you smile, it's possible that you're just…
Your Adorable Video For The Week
Here in the middle of October, there are few things that say "Fall" more than pumpkins. And there are few things that say "cute" more than an adorable puppy who seems to be perplexed by a miniature gourd. Check out this video of a tiny Corgi puppy and a tiny pumpk…
Adorable Monkey Petting Puppies[WATCH]
OK, this is awesome!  Not only is it the cutest thing I've seen all morning, but the gentleness of this monkey is amazing towards these puppies!  Priceless!  We can learn so much from animals!

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