No, There Aren’t Facebook Hackers Following You
In the last few days, you may have seen Facebook friends urgently warning everyone and anyone that will listen that there is a sneaky new way to find out who is keeping an eye on your profile. Of course, no doubt with nefarious purposes.
Manchester Considers “No Knock” Registry
Manchester Township officials are asking for the public's input as they consider implementing a "No Knock" registry.
Similar to the "Do Not Call" list, a "No Knock" registry allows residents to opt-out of allowing solicitors to knock on their…
Dash Cam Ruling Causes Concern
A New Jersey judge has ruled that police dash cam videos are a part of the public record, but the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office is planning an appeal.
That means anyone could access those recordings at any time, simply by filing a request under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA)...
NSA Phone Record Practices Set for Change
President Barack Obama is expected to endorse changes to the way the government collects millions of Americans' phone records for possible future surveillance, but he'll leave many of the specific adjustments for Congress to sort out, according to three U...

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