power outages

What To Do When Ocean County’s Power Goes Out
Last week we talked about the most important things that you should have on your emergency checklists as we head into winter in Ocean County. Today, we want to focus specifically on what you should do when the power goes out.
How To Stay Up To Date With Power Outages
It's the calm before the storm on this Friday afternoon, and we're expected to get a little bit of everything here in Ocean County - snow, high winds, and high tides. Taken individually, they would cause concerns for the power grid. All together, many areas are sure to experience at least …
Christie, power company under fire following major outages
Southern New Jersey is still recovering from a fast-moving storm with brutal winds that ravaged the area on June 23 and left 280,000 people without power. Residents and lawmakers have been extremely critical of Atlantic City Electric and at least one mayor blasted Gov. Chris Christie for a perceived…

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