What This Non-Sports Fan Loves About Sports
What I love about big sporting events is how they bring people together. I love seeing strangers hug and high five each other. I love how happy parents look when they share great sports moments with their excited kids. I love how team chants erupt spontaneously on the street and on commuter train…
Where are Ocean County’s Best Parallel Parkers?
That weekend road trip with my sister brought to light one of our major differences. I'm a good parallel parker, and she is not. So I thought it would be interesting to find out who the better parallel parker is in YOUR household. Is it you? Your spouse? Your grown children?
Will Jersey Shore Be Impacted By Philly’s Soda Tax?
With Philadelphia becoming the first major U.S. city to adopt a "soda tax," I'm reading a lot of comments for and against this new measure.  Those in favor cite health statistics.  They claim sugary drinks contribute to obesity and diabetes so the higher cost will ge…

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