Our Baby Girl Turns Twenty One! Where Does The Time Go!
It was April 10th 1996 that I set out en route to Community Medical Center in Toms River with my Wife in labor and a snow storm causing for a real slow go! In fact we wondered as we drove through the snow on the Parkway that we might have this baby at the Forked River rest stop! At ...
A Fun Baby Video To Make You Laugh Today [VIDEO]
We are all thinking about the snow Thursday and what a potential mess it will be, so here's a fun viral "baby" video that hopefully gives you a good laugh today! We all love the humor that kids show us and here's one that made me LOL this morning wh…
A Warning For Jersey Shore Parents [VIDEO]
I saw this story on the National News and decided to share with parents here at the Jersey Shore. It's the latest viral challenge and it could seriously hurt your children. It's called the "ice and salt" challenge and this is an internet challenge y…

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