Snow Day=Couch+Movies+Popcorn
What are some films that you might watch in your home today? Are there any classics that YOU'VE been wanting to see. Or is there a recent film that's next on your list?
On The Day After…Thankful To Bounce Things Off of Friends
You and your office mates probably spent some time discussing the Grammy telecast and the feelings that came up during the night. The artists' intended to get us talking, and that's what we're all doing today. On the day after a big event like the Grammy Awards, I'm grateful to…
Why Do Musicals Like “A Christmas Story” Get Bashed?
Last night FOX aired a live musical production of "A Christmas Story." My social media feed was full of people saying they shut it off because it was boring, terrible, etc. Then this morning I heard some more negative comments about it. With impressive writers and performers involved, a…
No Offense But I Just Don’t Like “Star Wars”
On this fourth day of May it's funny that people are saying "May The Fourth Be With You!"  I get that it's a "Star Wars" reference.  And I get that the many different Star Wars films are beloved by zillions of people around the world.
Can I ask …

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