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Followup – Texting Won’t Be Coming To Shore Theaters
Yesterday we told you about how AMC Theatres, which has three locations at the Jersey Shore, was considering allowing patrons to text during movies. We also included the fact that a lot of moviegoers weren't too happy about that news. Well, the company has listened.
Going To The Movies In Brick Is About To Change
The AMC Lowes Brick Plaza movie theater is the closest theater to where I live. But, if I'm being honest, I'd rather drive a little and go to Marquee Cinemas on Route 37 or The AMC Lowes at Monmouth Mall. If you're similar, things may be about to change.
A Local Movie Theater Gets Fancy and More Comfortable
I openly admit that I'm a movie theater snob. For what it costs to go see a movie these days, I want to get the best experience possible. One of our local theaters is currently undergoing a renovation to make the experience more comfortable and worth your time and money.
Have Movie Theater Snacks Gotten Too Expensive? [Poll, Link]
The weekend rolls around and you want to take the family to the movies. For a family of 4, it's already going to cost you about $40 just to get in, but then of course you have to buy some snacks. Let's say you get a bucket of popcorn to share, everyone gets a small soda, maybe a package or two of ca…